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Teaching at Dayeh

Teaching design students at Dayeh university in Taiwan from 2012-14. (above) This was just part of the hard working ID22 class of 40 students, pictured with my translator during a lesson.

It was a steep learning curve, being very different to the West with a language that was more than a challenge for my poor memory. My stay there gave me a new perspective on the West and a renewed interest in Buddhism. Two 6.0+ earthquakes and a number of typhoons also gave me a real sense of the Earth being a living entity. Summer humidity was a challenge though, especially noisy A/C running 24/7.

One of the many things that impressed me was how fast fruit and vegetables grew. It was possible to have three harvests in a year as the climate was always warm and wet. There were spectacular butterflies, some the size of my hand. Beautiful scenery, especially inland where a range of high mountains stretched north to south effectively splitting the country in half. The people were super friendly, extremely helpful even when language made communication difficult. Taiwan had the best transport system I had ever come across, with cheap, efficient buses and trains. The Easycard swipe system made payments hassle free and something Europe has yet to dream of. The super efficient high speed train that runs down the west coast connects all major cities. Then there was the Internet and wifi, cheaper and quicker than anywhere I had been. Well, I could go on but I think you get the gist...

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The class of ID22 (above) and (below) Masters students work on a three-wheel commuter project.

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