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Portrait in oils

A portrait of a student in oils, painted from a photo (taken with permission) from her Facebook profile as reference. I never met this student but her windblown hair caught my eye one day, which I tried to capture in the painting but with limited success. Portraits are without doubt the hardest of all painting subjects so I had to give it a go. This was done while living in Andalusia, Spain, between 2014-2018, where I focused on improving my art and design skills. I painted these portraits in oil and acrylic, made a few plaster sculptures and spent hours learning Rhino 3D and Blender 3D design programs. I also spent much of my time walking the coastline photographing wildlife and seascapes. When not on the coast I was in the outback photographing burnt landscapes and egrets or up in the Mijas mountains trying to reach above the clouds. The endlessly warm sunny climate was perfect in many ways, even though I do like my seasons. The sea air was invigorating, crashing waves hypnotising and the Spanish culture always fascinating.Below some of the other work produced while living in Spain. Below some of the other artworks produced during my stay in Spain.

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