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This is a new website with a selection of my photos. The old wildlife-nature photo page can still be accessed by clicking on the icon above.

I have created this photo website after spending two hard working years taking, editing and uploading photos to SHUTTERSTOCK, a stock image supplier. By 2019 I had uploaded over 2000 photos, which took a great deal of time and effort to create. My reward for all that effort was a meager 110$. The company could not even be bothered to sort out any problems I had with their interface.

Unhappy with their conduct I closed my account in 2019. I had no desire to waste my time with such companies anymore and decided to make my own website allowing the public free access to my photos.

As such you are free to take and use any of my images for personal use providing credit is given where applicable. Larger, higher quality photos can also be purchased if you contact me.

Uploading 2000+ photos to my website is going to take some time so please bear with me.

I appreciate any support, even if it is simply a thank you email.

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