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Galeria Vista project

Preparing the Galeria Vista project.

This project was an attempt to create an art gallery in a disused building on Sommerberg with African sculptures from Zimbabwe. Hundreds of stone-carved sculptures were languishing in crates stored in this building and the general feeling was that they should be on view to the public. Several months was spent preparing the Zimbabwe sculpture exhibition with displays, brochures, websites, posters and the painting of the 'Galeria Vista' sign on the buildings' facade. It opened in September 2007 with an impressive buffet event in the evening, which began with a poetry reading by Josef Miriam (aka Wyszynski) followed by music duo Tobias and Jeanette La-Deur playing the cello and piano. Then out of the blue, hardly a week later, it was closed by the local council due to 'statics' and concern that the building was unsafe for the general public.