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Talbot Eco 2000 (1981)

After returning to the UK from Germany in the early 1980s I worked briefly for Talbot Advanced design in Coventry. The studio was working on two Eco 2000 concepts, one was a front-engined design and the other rear engined. Although both concepts were well established when I arrived, I helped develop the front-engined version further by improving its aerodynamics and shape. A scale model was tested in a Paris wind tunnel where I was able to reduce its drag considerably by adding a rear luggage device and by sharpening the tailend. Soon after management decided to move Talbot Adanced design to Paris as part of the PSA group. Having only recently returned from Germany I did not wish to move with them, so I started Target design UK instead. The photo shows a slightly later prototype version of the one I worked on. The project was eventually killed by a marketing clinic that claimed the unique one-box concept would not be accepted by the public and it needed a bonnet!!! Fucking idiots! Eventually the concept found its way onto the market as a Renault Espace and later the Twingo. Today the one-box car is common place and most manufacturers produce one or more models.